About Us

Hello my name is Dennis Klein. My background in the home improvement business began as soon as I came home from Vietnam. I always enjoyed the outdoors and found a liking to a patio cover / sunroom company. I was trained in installations and worked there for years when I was offered a position in sales. After learning that 'less than ethical' methods of selling were being used, I just couldn't be a part of it. I knew if I wanted to excel in the business it would have to be on my terms. So I started my own company and felt the best way to achieve my goals was to represent only the best quality and warranted products on the market. This has allowed me to be successful and well respected in the industry.

I committed to represent products and manufacturers that have lifetime guarantees. This is the secret for longevity and having satisfied customers.

Because of my track record and reputation, I have been fortunate to be able to locate the showroom in the True Value Hardware location in downtown Hayward. We are conveniently located at Foothill Blvd & A Street. Our showroom is a place for you to come that allows you to take your time planning your project with the materials and products at your fingertips. This allows you to compare and contrast the many choices you have in the Bay Area for pergola, patio covers and sunrooms. Our experience can assist you to understand and choose the best design and product that will assure you a lifetime of satisfaction. Let our sensible prices and outstanding quality make you a believer.