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Patio Covers, San Francisco, CA

Patios are a great addition to your outdoor space and offer the perfect relaxation spot for you and your family. However, these open areas can become unusable during summertime or when it's raining. One way to get the maximum use of the available patio space is to install a patio cover. At Patio Covers Galore, we carry a wide range of modern products perfect for varied customer demands. Here are some of our most popular patio cover options.

Louvered Patio Covers

Due to its versatility, this patio cover type is growing in popularity. You can rotate it remotely up to 180 degrees and regulate how much sunlight or shade penetrates the patio cover due to the slatted design. The patio system is sturdy and complies with almost all-weather load specifications. The louvers can seamlessly complement any architectural style, including bay windows, gable roofs, doors, walls, and angled roofs, thanks to their neutral versatility. You can also move louvers anywhere in their 160-degree range of motion using a remote control to provide the precise degree of protection or ventilation required.

See-Through Patio Covers

These patio covers are the best choice if you want complete weather protection. These patio covers are made from a ground-breaking material, acrylite, which efficiently reflects heat and filters UV light. Acrylite is more than just a plexiglass-like substance; it allows maximum light efficiency while blocking dangerous UV rays. It also has an integrated gutter system that offers complete rain protection when it rains. This product has options for the architectural beams and columns because it comes in various colors.

Insulated Patio Covers

Choose insulated patio covers to make your outdoor area functional and inviting. You can add extra elements like skylights, ceiling fans, and lights to this structure as the frames are built to hold electrical fixtures and other additions. You can also use skylights creatively, thanks to these sturdy frames! You can match décor with the patio cover by choosing similar colors, trim, and wood tones. They come with various options for supporting columns, including 2x3 aluminum posts, steel posts, and ornate roman columns in multiple styles.

Lattice Patio Covers

Lattice patio coverings are still a common choice due to their traditional design. The real benefit of the cover is that, unlike wood, it doesn't need excessive maintenance because they don’t need staining or refinishing. There are several ways to improve the appearance to fit the requirements of the desired architectural style and have a double rafter/double beam. There are numerous column styles, finishes, and colors available.

Flat Panel Patio Covers

Patios can also be outfitted with high-quality aluminum flat panel patio covers that are waterproof and provide adequate sun protection. Modern aluminum patio covers have molding that matches the design and color of your home. It includes an integrated color scheme with many columns and post options. These patio coverings are robust, with the option to add skylights for more light in either a single or spaced-out design. Their versatility ensures you get the type of feature you need to complement your home.

Consult with patio cover experts and discuss your requirements. They will provide input and recommendations, helping you make the right purchase decision. They will also handle the installation to industry standards.

If you are looking for high-quality patio covers, you are at the right place. We at Patio Covers Galore provide a range of patio cover options to meet your needs. For more details, call us at 510-363-5547 or write to us via this Online Form, and we will respond soon to discuss your requirements and provide the best solutions.