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Advantages of Covered Decks and Patios

Covered Decks & Patios, San Francisco, CA Homeowners often wish they could use their deck or patio all year round. The fun and comfort of spending time outdoors shouldn't stop when it becomes too sunny or starts raining or snowing. Covered decks and patios mean you can continue to spend more time outdoors in most conditions.

A covered patio or deck not only allows you to make the most of your outdoor space but also protects features such as furniture and your family and guests from the elements. Explore the different advantages of having covered decks and patios.

Shade From Hot Sun

Your covered deck or patio will protect you from the harmful UV rays that can damage the skin. Shade in your deck means you can relax without getting direct exposure to the sun. You can thus enjoy the summer breeze comfortably without getting directly exposed to the sun.

Besides, deck and patio covers can also work as an awning. They can reduce the amount of heat entering your home.

Lower Temperature

As mentioned above, patio and deck covers can protect your home against direct sunlight. The cover will direct the sunlight away, helping cool your patio and the entire home. When your home stays cooler, your air conditioning will not have to work as hard to maintain the desired temperatures. Thus, having a covered patio or deck also helps you save money.

Shelter From Rain

A covered patio or deck will also keep your furniture safe from rain and other weather conditions. It is not just the furniture that gets protected. It will also keep your deck safe and protected from the elements. Water, snow, and ice can otherwise damage your wooden patio. Besides, you and your guests can spend time outdoors even when it is raining.

Furniture Protection

When sunlight falls directly on the furniture on your deck or patio, it will cause flaking and peeling. The cover will reflect away sunlight from both your furniture and home. Your furniture will continue to look in good condition without the need for replacement.

Proper furnishing is an important part of outdoor living. Many times, outdoor living spaces are also as furnished as indoor spaces. This makes it even more important to cover the space. Patio furniture, rugs, and other furnishings will deteriorate quickly if they are exposed directly to the weather. Outdoor furnishing and decoration can be expensive, and you don't want to be replacing your furniture too often. Besides, a covered deck or patio will also keep your outdoor space looking fresh.

Enjoy Outdoors Longer with your Covered Patio

A covered patio or deck will also help extend the amount of time you spend outdoors. Creating a roomy space outdoors creates more space for you and your family to work, live, and play outdoors.

Outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular with both homeowners and potential homebuyers. You can enrich your covered patio with a wide range of features that enhance your outdoor lifestyle. This can include the addition of dining and living areas, outdoor kitchens, and even bars. You can relax with your family or entertain friends and guests. Unexpected weather will not interfere with your outdoor activities or party.

There's something about a covered and custom-designed deck that inspires people to spend more time outdoors. Amenities, beautiful floorboards, an accessible backyard, and a cover overhead mean getting more out of your outdoor space.

If you plan on covering up your patio or deck, you should seek professional assistance. At Patio Covers Galore, we can help you with ideas and create the perfect outdoor space of your dreams. For more information about our services and ideas, feel free to contact us at 510-363-5547 or write to us.